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December 19, 2007

Station Tour (click to enlarge)

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Outside Views
cottage5.jpg (77804 bytes)     cottage7.jpg (46356 bytes)     Cottage1.jpg (37780 bytes)

Glamorous View of QTH    More of the Same        Sun Going Down 

 cottage3.jpg (53376 bytes)

Slightly Different View  

Cottage.jpg (61200 bytes)       feeds.jpg (44912 bytes)    porch.jpg (71952 bytes)

Aerial View of Cottage    Feedline Entrance          Front View

mill.jpg (51852 bytes)

     Mill House
818_C3E.jpg (32586 bytes)	   818_1040.jpg (25451 bytes)	         818_TH7.jpg (25791 bytes)

54' BX Tower       90' Rohn 25           52' HG52SS 
    usa.jpg (48476 bytes) europe.jpg (47980 bytes)

        View toward USA                     View toward Europe

Indoor Views

1129_op.JPG (60437 bytes)          818_porch.jpg (37585 bytes)         818_sitting.jpg (32033 bytes)  

 Operating Position               Opposite View                  Sitting Area                        

818_kitchen.jpg (33685 bytes)     kitchen_2.jpg (35378 bytes) 

Kitchen                                Kitchen

1129_BR1.JPG (42043 bytes)     1129_br2.JPG (41136 bytes)          bbed_1.jpg (38084 bytes)      bbed_2.jpg (36991 bytes)

 Main Bedroom      More Main Bedroom        Back Bedroom           Back Bedroom

Action Photos

work3.jpg (45752 bytes)                           work1.jpg (74604 bytes)                        work2.jpg (65188 bytes) 

K5ZD Working on the 40         K5ZD installing the 10           K5ZD on Mast Steps     

 work4.jpg (78748 bytes)

W2SC and K6AW       



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