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December 19, 2007

QSL Managers

Filed under: QSL Information — 8p5a @ 3:10 pm

8P9JG     Via        NN1N and LOTW

8P1A       Via        NN1N and LOTW

8P4A        Via       VE3DZ

8P5A       Via        NN1N and LOTW

8P7A       Via        NN1N and LOTW

8P8P        Via        NN1N and LOTW

8P9AM    Via        VE3DZ

8P9AL     Via        VE3DZ

8P9Z        Via        K4BAI

8P9HT     Via        K4BAI

8P9JA      Via        K4MA

8P9JB      Via        AA4NC

8P9IF       Via        G3PJT

8P0V        Via        K7BV

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